Saturday, November 21, 2009


This tut is written for those with a basic knowledge of psp. I use psp 10.

Supplies needed:

Mask of choice. I used GabeeChristmas 5.

Tube of choice. I used the artwork of Denis Rino which can be purchased here: MPT

Scrap kit: Berry Xmas from WackyWinnie Designz.

Let's get started :)
1. Gather your supplies and open your psp. Open mask in psp and then open a new file size 600 x 600 pixels. Flood fill with white. Take paper 18, paste as a new layer.

2. Open Go to Layers - New Mask Layer - From Image - select mask. Make sure invert mask data is checked (if using same mask as me).

3. Using magic wand tool, select inside circle of mask layer. Take paper 16 and paste into selection (ctrl/shift/L). Select none (ctrl/D). Merge layer group.

4. Paste FFrame2 above the mask layer. Resize to 60% and Free Rotate - Right 90. Using magic wand tool, select inside frame. Go to Selections - Modify - Expand - 5.

5. Paste paper15 below frame. Invert selection (ctrl/shift/I) then hit delete, and select none (ctrl/D). Give frame a drop shadow.

6. Paste Garland element above paper15 and below frame. Resize to 65%. Position in middle of frame. Give drop shadow.

7. Paste your tube above frame, resize and position to your liking. Give drop shadow. **Optional Step: Depending on your tube you may wish to use your eraser tool to 'shave off' some edges that overhang frame.

8. Paste Sunflower1 above frame layer, resize to 30%. Position to the upper left corner of frame. Give drop shadow. Duplicate layer and position second flower at lower right corner of frame.

9. Paste CBall1 above frame, resize to 30% and position to the upper right corner of frame so loop is in center of flower. Give drop shadow.

10. Paste Candle2 element above tube. Resize to 40%, position to your liking, near lower left corner of frame. Give drop shadow.

11. Add any other elements you'd like to tag, resize if needed and add drop shadows.

12. Crop and resize tag to your liking (if you prefer a smaller tag).

13. Add your name at the bottom of tag, I used BixAntiqueScriptHmkBold font at 80 pixels. apply drop shadow.

14. Add in any artist, copyright, & license info and voila! Your tag is done.

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